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Breast surgery

Since the earliest days of breast cancer surgery, surgeons from Weill Cornell Medicine have been at the forefront of developing innovative surgical techniques that remove the tumor while saving normal tissue for improved reconstructive outcomes.

Today, the Department of Surgery’s Section of Breast Surgery offers numerous treatment options — all tailored to each patient’s specific needs and personal preferences — including nipple-sparing mastectomy and skin-sparing mastectomy, cryoablation, intraoperative radiation therapy, and microvascular breast reconstruction.

In addition to treating patients, surgeons at Weill Cornell Medicine continue to pioneer techniques in the field, providing effective removal of tumors with reconstructive techniques that allow physicians to treat tumors effectively without leaving visible scars, such as nipple-sparing mastectomy, areola-sparing mastectomy and lumpectomy in conjunction with breast life or mammoplasties.

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